Friday, 16 April 2010

Check out our new logo, we hope you like it!!

Native Faces are undergoing some exciting changes so watch this space for updates. Very soon we'll be launching the new website which we can't wait to share with you!

We're in discussions with some amazing festivals for the summer both in the UK and Europe... We'll also be coming to some new London nights over the coming months in London Bridge and also Brighton aswell as remaining loyal to our favourite party nights Buttoned Down Disco at KOKO and Smash & Grab at Proud.

In the meantime, to keep you happy and content check out the pages of Grazia for the brilliant and glittery new make up range from Topshop. We can't wait to get our hands on their products.

Oooo bring on the Spring time. Hopefully see you soon xx

Photos courtesy of

Monday, 15 March 2010

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Buttoned Down Disco!!

We can't believe a month has gone by since our first visit to Buttoned Down Disco at the beautiful KOKO in Camden and so we are back there again this Saturday the 13th March.

"The Buttoned Down Disco crew present this huge monthly indie dance party from residents Christian Laing and Jamie, with plenty of giant balloons, swirly visuals, face painting, free badges and ace drinks deals early on too! Expect a dancefloor kicking blend of indie electro poppin' mayhem in the main room of this grandiose theatre, while London indie midweek night YellowBlack host The Gallery Bar. It's invite only entry, so make sure you request invites!"

Here are some photos from February courtesy of We can't wait to party with them again, it looks set to be a good un!xx

Monday, 8 February 2010

The Week Of Love

So it's that time of year again folks...this funny old week when the nation splits in two; those who are loved up and those who roam the planet freely in a liberated fashion. At Native Faces these two divides are represented equally - and we think both are just as important. So in honour of Valentine's day, all our gigs this week will be themed and romance-filled!

At Smash and Grab this Thursday (and possibly Koko and Flowerpot on Saturday if you really want it) we will be providing you with a night of traffic light love....

The rules are simple:

Green Heart = Hey Ho, let's go!

Amber/Gold Heart = I could well be persuaded...

Red Heart = I'm loved up and taken.

There's no excuse for moping around this year. If you're single, you don some green glitter and find someone lovely to kiss. We take all the need for ground work away - therefore providing more time for fun!

So you will find us this week at:


Smash and Grab @ Proud
I Blame Coco is playing and the Queens of Noize are on decks - how can it not be good?



Buttoned Down Disco @ Koko
The grand opening of the all-new glitter parlour! Come, chill out and have your face painted before continuing with your night of dancing and romancing!


Ronnkiepop @ Flowerpot
Everyone's favourite Saturday night spot these days. Ronnkiepop will have the usual tunes and good well as all the lovely faces. You never know, you might get to kiss one!

We've been busy of late. We played the night of serious fun that was Greco-Roman. If you weren't there, we're not even going to attempt to describe how good it was. We've also been doing many a photo shoot. We did some cracking faces at a shoot in East London last week for a new night at the Scala called The Game. It launches on the 10th April and looks set to be quite the party. We hear tales of burlesque, comedy, strippers and, of course, face painting! We'll give you more info closer to the time.

Here are some shots of some of our very own Native Girls from our snow-filled shoot for you to feast your eyes on - enjoy!

See you for love and kissing at Smash folks. xx

Saturday, 30 January 2010


is at Manor House Warehouse. 17 Overbury Road. Come find us...

Ali Native is also painting in Manchester tonight for all you student ravers heading to Pangea. Everything she makes will go to Haiti. Message her on Facebook - Ali Ehrlich.x x

Monday, 25 January 2010

Face Painting Is Cool

So face painting is cool. We think this, and so do the nice people at Vogue it seems. This month's issue features an article on why big, fun make up is just so in this season. Apparently we're revolting against the trends we grew up around in the 90s - minimal and natural. Hell knows we spent hours learning to apply our make up in a way that made us look like we weren't wearing any at all. We recommend you read the article - it's good.

It's time to break free boys and girls from conservative attitudes that are so two decades ago. Make-up is fun. Natives love it and we want you all to love it too. We've been trying out some great products recently and we're going to start letting you know about our favourites so you don't miss out on the goodies!

This Saturday we're going to be painting faces here...

These parties are good. The location is kept quiet until close to the night...check back at the end of the week and we'll give you a heads up.

So we're currently donating 20% of what we make to the people of Haiti. Thank you to everyone who's given extra and donated what they can. If you want to help, the link below will take you to a page where you can donate money to the cause.


The Native girls X X